Plan de protección de SDMujer en Colombia

The District Secretariat for Women’s Affairs, the District Government Secretariat and the High Council for victims, peace, and reconciliation of Bogota city, formulated in 2014 a “Prevention and Protection Plan for Human Rights Defenders and Leaders living in the capital”.

Diana Salcedo, a officer from the District Women’s Secretariat presented the plan as “the result of a joint consultation, compilation and development process between institutions, women’s organisations, leaders and defenders of human rights“.

On the 3rd of December 2014, the resolution for the implementation of the plan was adopted. Mauricio Angel, from the Policy, Investigation and Training Unit (PRTU) of Protection International (PI) commented: “With this plan, the city of Bogota will send a very positive signal in terms of what local authorities can, and must do to warn and protect human rights leaders”. He also added that, “even if this plan could be more explicit with regards to the adopted methodology in evaluating threats and risks, or with the description of the team of civil servants charged with protecting others, we still think that it is a very complete document that will bring about improvements to the existing standards from a local perspective”.” PI will monitor the implementation of this plan.

We invite you to read this plan in detail in PDF format here below.


Translation: Maynard Gumin