On Wednesday April 15th, the National Congress of Honduras approved unanimously the Law for the Protection of Human Rights Defenders and other categories at risk. The decree creates the Consejo Nacional de Protección para los Defensores de Derechos Humanos, Periodistas, Comunicadores Sociales y Operadores de la Justicia, which will be included in the Human Rights and Justice Secretariat.

Other secretariats – e.g. those of Security, Human Rights and Justice, and External Relations – will be represented in the National Council, together with other representatives of civil society.

The decree also created the General Direction of Protection Mechanisms and Social Conflicts Analysis which will, among other things, analyse complaints from those individuals who feel victims of situations at risk. Moreover, the Direction will be able to apply preventive or urgent protection measures.


Further information (in Spanish): http://www.congresonacional.hn/index.php/2014-02-10-22-24-42/congreso/item/900-cn-aprueba-por-unanimidad-ley-dirigida-a-proteger-la-vida-de-periodistas-abogados-y-defensores-de-ddhh