There has been no further progress in Indonesia with the draft legislation on HRDs submitted to parliament by the human rights NGO Imparsial, and it appears that stakeholders are no longer pushing for legislation. In addition, the National Human Rights Commission (Komnas HAM) appears to have lost interest in the creation of a special unit for HRD protection. Nevertheless, Komnas HAM Commissioner Siti Noor Laila was appointed as Special Rapporteur for HRDs in June 2014. She has pledged a thorough review of the commission’s files on HRD issues and to improve coordination with government bodies, such as LPSK (charged with the protection of victims and witnesses), in order to strengthen the protection of HRDs. With six understaffed regional offices, however, Komnas HAM’s capacity to cover the entire Archipelago is low, particularly for cases involving HRDs operating in remote areas.


***This information originates from PI’s publication – FOCUS 2014.