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Appendix 1: Table of supra-national protection systems

Appendix 2: National protection systems in Latin America and the Caribbean

Appendix 3: Example of a table of protection measures for defenders (extract from the Colombian Protection Programme)



Annex 1: Assessing risk: threats, vulnerabilities and capacities

Annex 2: Brazil – Bill on protection of defenders (2009)

Annex 3: Brazil: Procedural Manual for Programmes for the Protection of Human Rights Defenders (extract)

Annex 4: Colombia: Decree 4065 (2011), Creation of the National Protection Unit – objective and structure established

Annex 5: Colombia: Decree 2788 (2003), Committee for regulation and risk assessment of the protection programmes

Annex 6: Guatemala: National prevention and protection policy for human rights defenders and other vulnerable groups (2009)

Annex 7: Guatemala: Agreement on creating the analysis body (2008)

Annex 8: Guatemala: Catalogue of measures for the prevention of human rights abuses and protection of human rights defenders and other particularly vulnerable groups (Guatemala, February 2008)

Annex 9: Nepal: Draft bill 2066 on human rights defenders (2009)

Annex 10: Democratic Republic of Congo: Draft bill on protection of defenders (2008)

Annex 11: United Nations: Declaration on the rights and obligations of individuals, groups and institutions to protect universally recognised human rights and fundamental freedoms (1998)

Annex 12: United Nations: Complementary resolution to the declaration on defenders – see previous annex – (2009)